Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Happy September my friends!!!!

We made it through August and we're one step closer to fall. I'm ready for fall!!! I luuuuuv spring and like summer (mostly because I love the pool), but fall is 2nd in line to Spring as my favorite season. And it sort of feels like fall outside today. YAY!!!!!

I'm dying to make fall things... fall-inspired things. The colors of fall are SO fun to work with...so rich and yummy... BUT I have to finish my holiday piece today... no fall until she's done!!!

I spent most of yesterday doing "reverse-peyote" a stitch I'm really good at. I have named it that because it makes it sound MUCH more productive than "tearing every single stitch out that I did the day before" See what I mean??? (I know that you non-beady people have no clue what I'm talking about, so just zone out and I'll tell you when to wake back up.) I HATE doing really repetitive beading... tubular peyote. Bores me to tears. I know some people love it, but it's not something I enjoy AT ALL. I want increases or decreases or SOMETHING to pay attention to...not row after row of the same thing.

And what did I have to re-do???? ALL of the plain tubular peyote of the Holiday piece. I used a neutral color of thread in the skirt because it matched better and when I got to the white part of the bodice I thought "it's light enough...it will work just fine" and it did look "fine" but it didn't look WOW when I finished... so I did one of the sleeves with white thread and it was "wow" white...so I decided to rip out the bodice and do it again. Much better.... but it put me behind schedule.

(ok... you people snoozing can wake back up again)

I think it will take me another day to finish the sample and then I can take pictures tomorrow and have the pieces ready to sell by this weekend. YAY!!!!! Plenty of time for people to make them before Christmas.

In other news... I'm on hold with my car purchase indefinitely. My van is getting a 2nd opinion. Door after door kept closing as I tried to buy a car. Deals that were about to go through didn't, cars sold before I got to them, my title got lost in fedex land the week before cash for clunkers ended, cars didn't pass inspection... the list goes on and on. Upon really thinking about it, I decided that doors were closing for a reason. I'm not supposed to be buying a car right now.... so the only other option is to fix the van I'm driving. VERY COSTLY, but hopefully this other mechanic will find a way to make it not soooooooo scary. We'll see.

At least it frees my brain up from car stuff for a few days.

Frees it up for creative things... which I need to get busy doing!

Have a great week everyone!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - CDL bought by my generous dad. (thanks Dad! I know you don't read this, but thank you!)
music - nope. Maybe DVDs later.

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