Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!

She's here!!!

At long last... may I present to you... for the first time.... the only time...

Head Over Heels for the Holidays

a limited edition kit
Isn't she fun???!!

She'll only be available until the end of November... then a new girl arrives to take her place.

I made some changes from the original Head Over Heels pattern. She has a pinafore, which I think gives her a bit of a nordic "I live in the North Pole" sort of look. Don't you agree?

Her Jester Hat is available in 3 colors... red (seen here), green (either lime or a true kelly green) and violet (like her shoes in this picture). She was SO fun to embellish!

I just LOVE how she turned out. Hope you love her too!!

off to finish photo-editing! Have a great day!!

tiny blah blah blah...

no coffee and no music. sorry.


rosebud101 said...

She's sweet, Sylvie!

Sylvie said...

Thank you Mallory!!