Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It's Wednesday again!! WOW! The last few weeks have been speeding by... seems like last week's Wednesday was just yesterday!! Holiday weeks always mess with my inner-calendar!

I have been busy creating and thinking about creating, as you could tell by yesterday's blog entry.

I've already been in the studio for a while this morning working on beads for some prototype projects.

I'm working on a really cute smaller project at the suggestion of my sister... thing is... I'm not real good at smaller projects and I see this one getting more complicated already. I'm going to have to scale back I'm afraid... but that loses some of the "cute factor" OR I'm going to have to ignore my sister's suggestions all together! (which I know better than to do... she's bossy AND I don't want to lose my personal assistant at Bead and Button where this project is headed!)

I also worked for a while on the winter edition of Head Over Heels. She's going to be SOOOOOOOOO fun! Can't wait! But first, I must photograph Holiday girl and get her posted to the website! I'm already over a week late!!!! (sorry Jane!!)

Today is lunch with my friend Marcy. I'm hoping that she'll help me sort through some of the other ideas that are whirling around in my brain. She's such a good one to bounce things off of!

off to lunch!!!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - not yet
music - only in my head and it's a really obnoxious song so I'm not going to say it here because it will get into your head too!


rosebud101 said...

Have fun with Marcy!

Regan said...

Yes! Photos! I want to see what you're talking about when you post. :)