Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bead Show!!!!!

I'm headed, in a few minutes to the Down The Street Bead Show in Marietta, GA.

I have WAY less inventory than I'd like to have, but I'm not going empty handed. Taking an unplanned week off sort of messed up my groove, but such is life. God was teaching me to BE STILL I guess. A hard lesson to learn... and I know I'm not there yet.

But, today is the show. After a stop at Starbucks, I'll be on my way to make a lime-green and white girly girl table which today will probably be more fluff than substance... but I could possibly find that I have more inventory than I really think I do. I think all people who do shows NEVER think they have enough inventory.

SO... what did I do while I sat still??? I worked on the next retreat...that's what! I found the perfect venue for my Detroit-area girls. It's actually in Toledo, Ohio, but it's only an hour-ish drive from Detroit AND will make it not too bad of a drive for anyone in the Chicago area...not to mention Ohio!

And without further fa-la-la, here is the first look at the retreat info. The image and full information for this project is forth-coming, but this will be the BIG project of the year... the one that launches at Bead and Button. I've always tested my patterns with the bead-divas of Michigan and I'm hoping that they'll help me through this one as well.

Sylvie's Spring Dreams Bead Retreat. March 18-20, 2010. This class will be followed on Sunday by the Great Lakes Beadworker's Guild's Bead Bonanza, so if you are coming that direction and are NOT from Detroit... it might be worth it to stay an extra day for the show. It's a GREAT show for a local bead society!!!

I'll have more info on the retreat in a few weeks. Need to catch up with other stuff first!!

time to go!!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

on my way for coffee

clock radio music isn't really my thing, but Drivin' and Cryin' was just on.

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