Thursday, November 05, 2009

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is an early blog entry for Friday, but I couldn't wait another moment because we have now reached VERIFIED per Google Analytics....

TOTAL U.S. Blogosphere Domination!!!! Woo hoo!!!

Those of you who follow the blog regularly know that I was looking for someone from every state to read the blog, so that it would fill in the little map on the Google site that tells me how many people read my blog, what they've googled, where they live etc. I would love world-domination (because doesn't everyone?), but know that I need to start closer to home, so I went for U.S. domination... wanting someone in each of the 50 states to read the blog.

I diligently "worked" promoting the blog and found readers from the elusive states like West Virginia and Vermont, but NO readers from Delaware came... the state stayed empty. My friend Laura emailed her friends in Delaware and got them to read the blog, and they told her they DID read it, but for some reason, their hits were not showing up on the Google Map and I didn't feel like I could say with PROOF that I had U.S. domination (ok... ya'll should be rolling your eyes and laughing at me by this point... it IS a silly thing, I know!)

Well today... low and behold... I log on to see who was visiting the blog and what do I see???

DELAWARE!!!!!!! It's filled in on the map!!!!!!! We had a reader from Delaware today!!!!

And HERE is what the map now looks like......
So what are we going to do tonight Pinky????

(Happy Birthday Mom!!!!! I love you!!!!)

tiny blah blah blah...

I can't tell you what I'm having for coffee on Friday because it's still Thursday! I'll have to update this tomorrow

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Profusion said...

Congratulations! How very cool :)
I'd like to dominate the world too (or the US), but I haven't been working towards it with a plan. Well done.
Good luck with the retreat, it sounds fun.
All the best,