Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Wednesday!!!!!

And it's SUPPOSED to stop raining this afternoon... PLEASE let it stop raining! I'm sooooo tired of being cold and wet! It rained for the last 30 (?) hours... and it wasn't just sprinkling most of the time... it was RAINING... ugh. It looks like it's stopped now, but it's still grey. I'm HOPING for some sunshine to get me motivated to...

go to the post office. It's shipping day for Sylviebeads!!! (woo hoo!!!) Not woo hoo for me... I hate that part of things and I really miss having an assistant to do that for me, BUT it's a good thing that I have orders that need to be shipped and I hope that my customers will be saying "woo hoo" when they open their packages!

And yes... I know that today is a postal holiday, but I figure, there won't be any lines at the automated machine and I'd rather get in and get it DONE than wait till tomorrow. I've got a lot on my plate tomorrow anyways.

I've been working on my website a lot. A lot of it is behind the scenes work, but it's taking a LONG time to get it all sorted and together. There are still a LOT of things that need to be fixed or added, but I'm getting there.

At the same time, I'm writing patterns and making samples and making beads for upcoming shows. Can you say BUSY?????? Can you say "NEED AN ASSISTANT?" (I know you can!!... said in my best Mr. Rogers voice) Anyhoo... I don't have an assistant right now and it will take quite a while before I'm back to the point where I can have one... but I'm GOING to get to that point.

Things are going really well and I feel the momentum start to build... which is truly exciting! I have a great life!

so... back to work! Lots to do!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - oh yeah... it was definitely a cinnamon dolce morning! Even if I had to get out in the rain to have one!!

music - Taylor Swift. Love that girl!


rosebud101 said...

Hope you enjoyed your day, Sylvie, and I hope it quits raining.

Sylvie said...

It DID finally quit raining! YAY!!! I'm hoping it stays this way for a few days!!!

Have a great weekend Mallory!!