Thursday, November 05, 2009

Happy Thursday everyone!

And I AM happy... really happy. I love my life! I'm back to doing art for a job and I'm continuing to see that it's what I'm supposed to be doing... as I drove back from dropping kids off this morning I was thinking about jobs and this job of mine and it's a weird job for sure... but it pays bills just like any other job, so why should I feel guilty that I get to make cute things for a living??? (because I was feeling guilty about how happy my job is compared to others.... sounds silly huh?)

ANYWAYS... I love my job. It's a LOT of work right now, lining things up, setting things up, getting back into gear, so I'm not getting as much creative time (or as much sleep) as I'd like BUT I'd rather work over-time fielding emails from happy customers and spending time setting up classes than working overtime doing something not nearly as fun! (although I still see Starbucks as a possible backup plan should I need one!)

speaking of work... I need to get to it!

I sent out my first "Sylviebead News" email last night. It was a BIG mailling... my customer list had continued to grow over the years. I finally decided to use a mailing service so that it could field any of the returned email stuff, removing people from the list, etc. It has worked great so far! It was just scary to hit "send" knowing that I was making it REAL... that I was OFFICIALLY back in business (not that I wasn't before... I just hadn't told everyone!)

ok... this is getting long and I have stuff to do... flyers to print... beads to make...

Happy Thursday Everyone!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee today is Dr. Pepper. I was in a different kind of mood this morning....some days just need a Dr. Pepper!

music - I'm about to put some on... Matt Nathanson is my music of choice today, so I did a Genius playlist on I-tunes and it pulled lots of similar stuff. I do that every once in a while to make a new mix... it finds songs that I didn't necessarily listen to, but had in my collection. Today I'm loving the song it picked from Joshua Radin "What if You" I hadn't ever paid a lot of attention to this song from the album. Beautiful!

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