Monday, November 02, 2009


Seriously, it's gorgeous in Atlanta today... makes it hard to be indoors (so I keep sneaking out for errands or picture-taking)

And speaking of "picture taking" at LONG LAST... here are the pictures I've been promising...

Head Over Heels Queen of Hearts

This is the project that has been torturing me for the last 2 weeks... stitching, un-stitching, re-stitching until I got her JUST the way I wanted her... and I did. I love this girl and I can't WAIT to teach her at the retreat!!! (and now that I finally have her finished and photographed, I can advertise the retreat!!) She won't be available for sale until late December, but I needed to have her ready to photograph and kit for the retreat. YAY!!! I'm really happy with her! (can you tell???)

I also photographed the You Are My Sunshine Ring! I will have it in several other colors, but here is the bright cheery one that I've been wearing which "makes me happy when skies are grey"

This is the first project I've ever designed specifically as a BEGINNER project. My sister suggested it when we were at Bead and Button and I really struggled with how to make a piece that would be easy to make, but still had the same whimsy-factor that my work has. I really think I did it with this one. It will be a very affordable kit AND it's super quick to make. This will be the other class that I teach at the retreat. It's lots of fun and students might even have time to make more than one ring if they choose to spend their evening beading time that way.

This project won't be for sale until late December... so if you are the person who searched for it (and I have no clue how you even KNEW about it... you psychic friend, you!) you'll still have to wait a bit. Sorry. :(

And THAT is what I've been up to today. Hope you're having a beautiful fall day wherever you are!!!

tiny blah blah blah....

coffee - one of my field trips out into the sunshine was to Starbucks. :)

music - not really.... wonder what's with that???

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They look great, Sylvie!