Thursday, May 08, 2008

Flight of the Hampsters.... the mystery continues!!!!!!!

OK... after yesterday's post, I, being the Nancy Drew kind of girl that I am, decided to go do some research and find out WHY someone who did a search in google would find MY blog by typing the words "flight of the hampsters" in the search. WELL... what I found out FIRST is that I spelled Hamsters wrong!!! SO, once again, people found my site by doing the same mis-spelling that I did. BUT there were over 368,000 entries for "flight of the hampsters!" So, what made this crazy person say "hey... sylviebead blog. THAT sounds like where I'll find information about a video game!" (I also found out that Flight of the Hamsters is a video game).

BUT I didn't find out HOW my blog is connected to this at all!!! I found an entry in my blog where I refer to a book that my kids used to have called "10 minutes till bedtime" and it had cute little hamsters in it. BUT there was no "flight" involved.

So, the mystery continues...

That's it for today. No beady news to report. Will not be a beady weekend either. I'm with my boys AND cleaning house, puppy-proofing it (like baby-proofing) for our new arrival. He comes home at the end of May. HOORAY!!!

big news... I know you're on the edge of your seat waiting to hear the daily blah blah blah...

Coffee - nope. Chick fil a sweet tea with 3 lemons (I'm picky)

Music - nope. I forgot my ipod!!!!

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