Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Whatever Wednesday...

Warning: This post has NOTHING to do with beadmaking. If you were hoping to read that I am actually making beads this week... check back next week when you MIGHT be correct (but don't hold your breath). Today's posting will be all about music! YAY!!!

I was listening to the radio on Saturday and this station in town has started a new thing called "whatever weekends." What that means is that they now play WHATEVER they want to during the weekend. It was INSANE!!! They played Jingle Bell Rock!!! Right after some mellow Celine Dionne-esque song and some TLCish song. I can't remember the actual combination of songs, but it DEFINITELY was Jingle Bell Rock! In May!!!!!

Of course, that's probably WHY they went to this format... so that I'd keep listening to what insane combinations of songs they played (and annoying my friends calling them saying "you have GOT to hear what this station is playing!!) I won't be in town this weekend to hear what zany combos they choose, but rest assured gentle-reader... I will definitely update you the following weekend when we join Atlanta's B98.5 in their new weekend feature "D.J.'s on CRACK!" (I think they're going to officially rename it that!)

See? No beads involved at all. Sorry. :(

Time for the daily blah blah blah...

Coffee today - ICED 3 pump cinnamon dolce latte. (I'd like to send a shout out to my REGULAR Starbucks who always makes good coffee. I didn't go there yesterday which is probably why I complained. Hooray for the Holcomb Bridge/Old Alabama Starbucks crew!!)

Music - Sylvie's New Groove Tunes (will have to update the sidebar soon!)

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