Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monday Monday.....

It's the beginning of the week (work week that is... I DO realize that weeks start on Sunday) and the end of a FANTASTIC weekend!!!

I had such a great weekend. I traveled to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to see a good friend... bought cute shoes (on sale!), ate at good local restaurants, and saw a GREAT exhibit at the Frist Museum in Nashville. It was European Impressionists to Expressionists (I think) and it was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! It was SO cool to see so many famous paintings all in one place... and somewhere that was actually driveable for me!

After visiting with friends, I went to get my new puppy on Sunday!!!! He's the sweetest dog EVER and I'm so glad he's mine. I'll put up some pictures later. He has no name... yet. My boys are out of town and I'm not going to give him a name until they meet him and help me decide which of our choices seems best for his personality. He really is a sweet laid back dog... which is PERFECT for me!

And to end my weekend... I saw James Taylor in concert last night and it was an INCREDIBLE concert. I'm hoping that there is an album coming out soon which includes some of the songs he did. (and I think there is... and you can BET that I'll be including it as a recommendation in my side-bar over to the right!) In the meantime, if you don't own it... go buy James Taylor's Greatest Hits Volume One. I really think it is the absolute BEST James Taylor album to date. He played most of the songs off of it last night and I just LOVED LOVED LOVED it!

He did NOT play the song that I refer to sometimes in my blog called "That's Why I'm Here," but I'll forgive him. ;)

There's a new song of the week!!! This one is buy a up and coming British songstress named Estelle and she's done a song with Kanye West which is really a cool song. Perfect for summer! So take a listen! (thank you to Denise's XM Top 20 station for introducing me to it!)

here's the tiny blah blah blah for today...

Coffee - Iced Venti 3 pump Cinnamon Dolce Latte with Light Ice and Cinnamon/Sugar sprinkles on top (yes... I'm the obnoxious high-maintenance coffee-ordering girl in front of you in line!)

Music - Nothing so far! Must go put on some tunes!!!!!!!! I'm thinking some James Taylor will be perfect for today!

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