Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nothing big and beady going on today, but in visiting my own blog, I noticed that I'd had a lot of hits for something that I hadn't really advertised or anything.

SO, in curiosity, I went to my website to look and see how many visits I've been getting lately. One thing led to another and I looked at the statistics and how people find their way to my site.

Here's something REALLY funny. Someone found their way to my site through google by typing...

flight of the hampsters as their keywords for the search.

HUH???!!!! I have NO idea why I showed up with those words. Makes me curious how many sites come up when you put those words in the search AND how far down the list I am! How many sites did they browse through looking for information on flying hampsters (LOL) before they found my blog???!!! And what was I talking about in my blog that even MENTIONED hampsters!

It's always funny to look at my site statistics and see stuff like that. A long time ago people who were searching for the Osbornes but spelled it incorrectly kept going to my site because I had spelled it incorrectly in my blog. TOO FUNNY!

And what do these people think when they get here? Are they totally enthralled with my so-called life???!! Did they come to just look at the carnage after my "car crash" of a life??? Were they deeply disappointed when I took a hiatus? (no, I seriously don't believe any of that to be true. It would be SAD SAD SAD if a stranger wandered unknowingly upon my site and decided to visit it AGAIN!)

The whole thing is too funny.

ok... gotta run and do my REAL job.

Coffee Today - very disappointed, Starbucks was out of Cinnamon Dolce syrup, so I had to have a mocha. Wasn't in the mood for a mocha. :(

Music - Currently listening to Kate Nash on my ipod who is a strange strange girl... going to have to change to someone else, because I'm just not in the mood for her bitter ramblings today. Time for some Jason Mraz I think.

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