Friday, May 09, 2008

Good morning beady world!

This post has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with beads, so if you're here for my scintillating stories about life... stick around for a doozie. If you are looking for insight into glass beadmaking... tune in another day.

Here's my funny story of the day....

I always seem to see the funniest things when I'm out and by myself. I NEVER see them when I'm with someone. I've started "documenting" these occurrences by calling my friend and telling her what I've just seen. I'm sure at some point in my stories she's rolling her eyes and thinking "do I always need a play by play of Sylvie's bizarre sightings? NO!!" ANYWAYS, today she had to suffer through another description of craziness that found its way into my sight today. It was funny enough (to me) that I called 2 other people and told them too.

Here's what I saw... (I totally need a camera phone!!)

I was at the Sprint Store getting a phone repaired (part of my REAL job) and had to sit and wait for it. For some reason, this particular store seems to draw the "glamor don'ts" of the world and I've seen more than one big "car-crash" of fashion here before.

Today's was so funny I almost started laughing (snorting kind of laughing) right there next to the guy while I waited.

Here's what he had on...

1. Badly shaped Afro
2. Gold trimmed BIG feminine Gucci Sunglasses
3. Gold chains (of course!)

ok... at this point I have to interject that this guy sort of had a body-builder kind of look. "sort-of" being the appropriate words because with his bulging bi-ceps he had a bit of a beer belly (just wait...)

SO the outfit description continues...

4. Orange mesh (yes, you read that right) vest. It was some sort of sporty vest. Almost looked like what Water-skiers wear... but not puffy like a life vest. It zipped up the front like that though. OF COURSE he wore no shirt with this and it was a "bare-midriff" sort of style which left his belly hanging out. OH BOY... it just gets worse...

5. (holding back the laughter right now just remembering this...) He had on black M.C. Hammer pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ok, not holding back laughter now) they were TRULY TRAGIC M.C. Hammer baggy pants. "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em" I wanted to yell.

but wait! There's more!!!!!

6. PATENT LEATHER black high-top 80's Rebok looking tennis shoes.


THAT, my friends, was one of my funniest sightings in a long time! Better than the woman who had the "parting of the red seas" hair-do!! Better than "dancing jogging man." Better even than the "Steve Harvey's Showtime at the Apollo Menswear Store" at the redneck mall!

ok... I'm going to compose myself and get back to work. I think I might have to add my fashion sightings to the list below as a daily feature. I'm sure they are out there everywhere if I look hard enough!

Daily blah blah blah...

Coffee - Cinnamon Dolce Latte (admitting to having TWO of them today. bad girl!!)

Music - Jason Mraz (see side bar for a link to his new album. I LOVE this guy!!!)

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