Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Monday!

WOO HOO!!! (just pretending to be excited.)

I had a busy busy weekend and didn't get a single bead made, which should end this blog entry since this is a BEADMAKING blog. BUT you know that I won't do that (just like you KNOW I won't use proper grammar most of the time) because I've always got something to say.

I spent my weekend going to games (1 high school football game, 4 5th grade football scrimmages and 1 Braves game) and wore myself out with all those sporting events!!! On Sunday I did church and laundry. Not a single spare minute for beadmaking (look! I talked about beads again!!)

This week is all about final exams for one kid and last week of school activities for the other. PLUS they go on a vacation the next week w/ their Dad so I've got to get them packed and ready to go.

PLUS I've got to finish getting my house ready for our new puppy to arrive on Sunday!!! YAY!!!

I'm taking a road-trip with my best friend to visit another best friend who happens to live close to my puppy's current home. I'll hang out with her for a day and then pick up my puppy before heading back home. So it's going to be a FUN and busy weekend yet again... with no time for beadmaking! (look! yet another bead reference!)

I'm hoping to have some time the next week to work on beads a little. I'm not planning on making beads, but I'm hoping to get more organized in my studio while the boys are gone so that I can spend some time this summer in the studio!!!!!!

Thank you to the people who wrote me recently to tell me I'm missed in bead world. I needed that kick in the pants to help me get motivated. I have a lot on my plate and juggling it is hard, but I really really want to find a way to bring that part of my life back into the mix. I miss it! I miss my customers too!!!

Ok... that's it for today. Note that I have a NEW song of the week!! It's a GREAT song by a new artist named "Duffy." It sort of reminds me of Amy Winehouse, but even a little more retro than Rehab. Take a listen! I also left last week's song up for those of you who missed it.

daily blah blah blah...

Coffee Today - Venti 3 pump cinnamon dolce latte (if only Starbucks would give me credit for plugging them!!)

Music - Sylvie's Mellow Mix (again!)

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