Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Bead and Button Blues

Here we are almost half way through the month of May and I'm bluesin' (I guess that's not a word... spellcheck didn't like it, but I'm going to officially make it a word from now on).

For years, this was one of the weeks that I was cramming for Bead and Button. It was a total adrenaline pumping, full-out beadmaking work-out that lasted a couple of months, but the last 2 weeks of May were the craziest.

And here I sit with my biggest challenge this week being how do I get one kid to football practice while the other needs to go to an orchestra concert. Quite a change. (I would have had those challenges PLUS how to make inventory and get ready for the show, so I guess I should be thankful for the reprise.)

But I miss Bead and Button. I miss that connection with people who were buying my work. Meeting them face to face and getting that Sally Field moment..... "You like me! You really like me!" that came when I had something that sold really well, or that people brought back things they'd made with my beads the past year.

I miss that. A LOT.

I got an e-mail from a friend this week (hey friend!) that is also a former Bead and Button vendor. She was asking me if I'd like to go next year as an attendee... that she missed just being at the show.

I really WANT to go. In fact, I was trying to figure out how I could do it this year, BUT the more I think about it, the more I know I'll be sad when I'm there as a shopper. I'll miss being the one on the other side of the table.... talking to my old-friends... my customers that came back year after year.

I miss that. A LOT.

It's time to find my way back there again. I have NO idea how I'm going to balance things, but if I miss something THIS much, it's something I need to find a way to do. Whether I can make it onto the wait-list is a whole 'nother thing. But I need to work this year and try to find a way to be back on the other side of the table again.

ok... enough bluesin' for today. I have a TON of other more fun stuff to talk about, but this is not the venue for that. Maybe some day there will be a blog for that too. But I doubt it!!!

Coffee - 2 Venti Cinnamon Dolce Lattes (bad bad girl!)
Music - none. maybe that's my problem!
Fashion report - I have nothing to report on this one either!!! I haven't seen anyone today other than my kids... and I actually could "out" one of them as a Glamor Don't, but I won't.

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