Friday, April 15, 2011

A new day... a new blackboard of bossiness!

(I don't usually show the blackboard updates here... just on facebook, so I thought I'd let the blog-readers who AREN'T on facebook see what I'm talking about)

It's not a NEW blackboard, but rather an erasure and re-chalking. I needed to see a little more of the "big picture" of what I have left to finish before B&B. Not to freak me out (although it does) but to keep me on track and allow me to cross things off. For instance... I got to cross 8 things off the "big picture" column this morning. Those beads are all cleaned and bagged and ready for seed beads to join them!!

I've moved on to a new color grouping... all cool colors and I'm hoping to knock out even more of that list by the end of next week.... if I can stay on track and stay focused and stay energized.

I've been making beads for 15 years (wow) and when I first started, I could go all day long... literally make beads for 8 hours straight. Now? 4 hours is about my limit. There are days when I go longer, but not back-to-back week-after-week. I'm just OLDER and my body doesn't like sitting in one position like that for more than 4 hours. I COULD just take a break and go back to the torch, but by the time I take a break and get a little non-torch work done, my kids are home or I need to go pick them up, or whatever.... my life is just different now than it was 15 years ago.... so I adapt! I work focused while I'm at the torch.... and today I was focusing on pieces for the Flora Flora kits.

The beads in the kiln today are all flowers. PRETTY PRETTY aqua, lime and violet flowers. 24 pretty flowers waiting till later tonight to "bloom" I really like this color-way (not that I don't like the others too... I just love these cool tones. They make me happy)

What else makes me happy? That I have 593 fans on Facebook! And a LOT of them I don't know... so it's not like all my friends just said oh, I know her, I have to "like" her or she'll know! No.... these are people who really DO like me and clicked "like" to be fans. SO, I'm seven short of 600... how cool is that??!!

ok... time to grab some lunch! Hope you have a great weekend!!

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