Thursday, April 07, 2011

Some days you win... some days you make pumpkin heads that look like they have giant blobs for mouths.

These horrid beads are still in the kiln, but I will take a picture of one of them tomorrow to show how I, like every other beadmaker has BAAAAAAD days at the torch.

I have been asked to make more of my zombie girl totems... that made me think "hey, what if zombie girl was a head over heels girl??!!" I got really excited about it and it's on the "to-do" list for bead and button AFTER I finish all the beads for Flora Flora, Springalicious and the Sweetheart bracelet (we haven't talked about that one, have we? Well, it's cute!)

ANYHOO... I'm not supposed to be making zombie girl things until AFTER those other beads are done. The blackboard of bossiness has NOT said anything other than those beads for 2 weeks now.... but what did I do????? I went "off blackboard" and tried to make pumpkin heads... and they were horrible and a colossal waste of time! SO, after making 8 good beads for flora flora and about 10 horrible beads for zombie girl I quit for the day.... and that was the "lose some" part of the story.

HERE is the "win some" part. As I was driving down the road today, I had a huge AHA! moment that concerns the project from hell that I worked on for 3 weeks straight... the project that ended up looking like a 4th of July parade threw up. WELL, I think I have a great idea that might be stemming from that horrible horrible pile of beads. This is why we don't immediately trash beadwork that goes awry... sometimes it's just a stepping off point to somewhere great. If I'd thrown away the crazy lampshade looking "beads" that I made in Jeanette Cook's fandango bead class (it was my own fault they were horrible... I wouldn't follow the directions) then I wouldn't have ever made Head Over Heels!

SO, I'll play around with this new idea in the evenings as I prep for B&B. I have to have some new projects ready to promote at the show... to show what's coming in 2012.

ok... I'm off to do some non-beady things! Have a great day!!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee -yes, but i could use more now. (I had a free drink coupon... yay!)

music - Adele and Corinne Bailey Rae.

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