Friday, April 22, 2011

So here it is.... the piece that made me cry... more than once. The piece I was working on for Convergence III... the piece that was not to be.... Angels Want to Wear My Red Shoes.

It's not HORRIBLE. It's just not what I wanted it to be... in lots of ways. Now that I've been away from it for a little while (I hid it in a box so that I wouldn't throw it away. I reeeeeeeeally wanted to throw it away) I'm able to look at it and see some possibilities.

What's shown above is an edited version... I shortened it to bracelet length. It had been a necklace. I almost like it as a bracelet, but I don't think I'll ever REALLY like it. That said... I have been letting the thing sort of steep in my brain, like tea and I've come up with a couple of cool ideas that actually stem from this piece.

Just like you saw in the entry earlier in the week... for me, art happens in phases. One thing leads to another, leads to another. I think the little links I made for this piece will show up again in a project which I've given a working title "Cirque du Sprout" I'm not sure how it's all going to come together, but I created a component in this project-gone-bad, which I think I actually like and will use again.

Will I use these colors again??? NO WAY!!!!! In real life, when the whole thing is put together (not just a bracelet length), there are more clouds and more hearts which make it very red-white-and-blue, and to me, it looks very "cute-sy/craty" like a 4th of July parade threw up and made a piece of jewelry. And that's how I REALLY feel about it!

But I look forward to what I'm going to be able to take from the experience, now that I'm able to look at it again without hurling or weeping.

tiny blah blah blah... but not so "blah blah blah-y" today

I had a coffee today with sugar free sweetener. ICK.

music - my praise music mix. Even though I was working today, I was really focusing on Good Friday, now that I understand it more completely... the day that is a reminder of how much God loves me... loves all of us. It's unfathomable, his amazing love but I'm completely grateful for His love and grace.

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