Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What I did on my morning off.....

I got a haircut and went to the glass store (Flametree Glass in Roswell)

While I was there, I said "Maureen, will you take a picture of my new haircut so that I can post it on facebook??!!!"

and she did....

One of the only pictures I like of myself... probably because it's in one of my favorite places, taken by one of my favorite people. I'm sooooooooo lucky to have such a great glass store so close to my house. Look in the background of the picture at all that glass!!! And that's just one tiny bit of it, there is another even bigger wall FULL of glass, and another full of TOOLS and it's HEAVEN having them so close.

I'm going to just continue my gush and say that Maureen and Lance are two of the nicest people around and if you live in Atlanta and aren't shopping there for glass or taking classes there... you should! Support our local glass store so that we can continue to have one... we are SOOOO lucky (ask just about anyone who doesn't live in Atlanta how lucky we are to have them so close)

and if you don't live in Atlanta, but you're East of the Mississippi... you can order from them either by phone or online and get EXCELLENT service. I've seen how fast they pull orders and ship them and I know from personal experience what a WONDER Maureen is with color... if you need a certain batch of coral or pink, she'll know what you're talking about better than any other glass supplier (sorry other glass suppliers... it's true. she's a whiz at color!)

so, thank you to Lance and Maureen for being so great and moving your store so close to me. :D

And thank you Maureen for taking my new head-shot! I didn't plan it that way, but it turned out great!!!

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