Friday, April 03, 2009

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm back after my day off. It was a joyous day of doctor appointments and check ups. FUN FUN FUN... if you know me, you know that this would NOT be rated as one of my favorite days of the year, so I didn't expect to be cheery and bloggy yesterday. I expected to be passed out on the floor after a blood-test. I'm SUCH a chicken about that!!!

I survived my medical stuff with flying colors and I'm back to non-chickeny stuff today.

The high point of my day yesterday was that I got deodorant for 19 cents!!!!! woo hoo!!! It wasn't for me though. I've been watching for killer coupon deals on things that can be donated to the food-pantry because they also need stuff like soap/shampoo and deodorant. I'm amazed how much of that stuff ends up cheap or free with coupons!!!

But THAT is the topic for a whole 'nother blog. This one is about beads (and coffee and music and whatever else I want to talk about, so I guess it COULD be about bargains if I wanted it to... but I don't)

SO... in beady news.... I am about to have a FULL WEEK of beadmaking!!!! It's spring break and I'm a single girl in a house by myself for 9 days... I will be making beads, working out and GOING OUT!!!!!!! I'm looking forward to a week of "me" time.

Hopefully I'll have lots of beady news for you all next week!!!

Happy Friday everyone! See you Monday!!!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - nope. It was a Dr. Pepper morning. I DO have my coffee sponsorship lined up for a while though... I'll talk about that next week... today was sponsored by me however... I'm a Pepper! Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too??? (that was a cute commercial)

music - listening to Dave FM today. Can't find where the kids stashed my ipod. Today's Radio Free Lunch w/ Mara Davis has a "touchy feelie" theme because of the Queen's interaction with Mrs. Obama. Just listened to Hard to Handle by the Black Crows. I'm hoping for Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' by Journey... but I'm not thinking it's going to be included unless it's the Daily Cheese...and it's probably not quite as cheesy as "Can't Touch This"

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