Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Monday Monday...

SLEEPY Monday.

I didn't get enough sleep last night due to severe weather alerts going off several times during the night. It put me on edge and I didn't get enough sleep. (so this will be short and not so witty!)

I had a wonderfully artsy weekend... not beady, but artsy. We went back to the art show yesterday (both kids went this time) and had a GREAT time talking to the artists that my oldest was excited about... he wanted to go back so that he could buy things from the 3 people he'd really liked.

(I thought it was funny that one of his top 3 was the ONLY glass beadmaker there!)

She wasn't quite as chatty w/ him as I'd sort of hoped. I made a point of telling her that he had specifically wanted to come back to the show to buy something from her. I know that would matter to me.... that a TEENAGE BOY liked my work enough to get his mom to bring him back to the show to buy something with his own money.. but she was a little withdrawn (not rude at all... just quiet and a big contrast to the other 2 artists)..... and I have to be very very honest and say that my ego was a bit bruised that my name didn't ring a bell to her. I KNOW that's stupid... but it's true. It's not like I'm Oprah! Or Corina! BUT this wasn't about me... it was about my kid wanting to spend his OWN money on art... which I thought was the coolest thing in the world.

He took his brother back to see the other 2 artists, who happened to be from the Atlanta area (the bead artist wasn't). I made it a point to tell both of them that it was my son's idea to come back... that their work had appealed to him that much that we would drive back from the burbs just to see them. Maybe that's silly, but that really would have mattered to me, so I thought it might to them. And it did. Both artists spent time talking to him, and his brother about their artwork. Answering nosy questions (like "is that your REAL name? or did you change it to James Dean since he was famous??" rolls her eyes at 11 yr old son)

But both painters were SO enthusiastic about my kids.... they each walked away with free art... art that they had every intention of paying for, but that the artist's refused to let them. It was wonderful for them to see that sort of enthusiasm, gratitude for THEIR enthusiasm, and generosity.... both the generosity of the gift, but also the generosity of their time.

We are looking forward to seeing both these artists at future shows. I know that my boys have both become collectors now. They have 2 artists that they will follow forever. I know my kids and these 2 artists will become a part of their lives, as they will be the pieces that their art collections are built upon.

So... thank you thank you thank you to these 2 artists...

James Dean

and Maria-Louise Coil

In other news... I'll save it for tomorrow. I'm feeling a bit bummed that almost half of my students from the FYV workshops this round haven't responded when I sent out an "ARE YOU IN???" email. I was having such a lack of participation, I asked for a direct commitment from them and got responses from a little over half of them.... that bums me out in a big way.

BUT maybe more of them will respond today.... maybe ????

tiny blah blah blah...

One last cup of coffee from Holly!! YAY!!!

coffee - Cinnamon Dolce Latte

music - Dave FM. The kids forgot to return my ipod to my purse. bummer

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CreekHiker said...

When I was a small girl, I fell in the love the the charcoals of Floyd Sonnier, a cajun artist. I was a life long customer because he was always so kind.

I LOVE that your boys love art and are so enthusiastic!

Now, if I can get a job so I can put some more $$ on your coffee card! LOL!