Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Stress Free Thursday everyone!!!!

I can say that with a little more confidence, without cringing waiting for the sky to fall. Without jinxing anything, it really has been a lot calmer lately... which is good. My hands need that.

Today is venting day.... so if you get bored with my rants about artsy stuff.... time to log off. You can go read my coupon blog if you really need a Sylvie-fix without the ranting. :) - (I talk about my coupon and grocery shopping conquests there.)

But here today... it's a little less sunny... it's a little ranty.

I'm really disappointed with my FYV classes this round. I'm not disappointed with ALL the students... I have to say that first. BUT I allowed the classes to be overly full this time... each had about 15 students and I ended up with 8 participating in one of the classes and about 10 (?) in the other. Out of THIRTY people, I ended up with 18 that were truly into the class and doing what needed to be done. That really stinks... for me (because I wasted my time and energy) and for the students.... for those that dropped out because they'll miss on something that they probably really could have benefitted from and for the ones that were truly into the process because they were sharing and committing themselves to the workshop and only getting some of the feedback they should have been since only SOME of the people were participating.

I had to take action. I didn't like it, but I had to accept that a big chunk of people had to go... that the groups needed to change.

I merged the active participants all into one group HOPING that they'll get a little more chatty and active now that there is a new mix of people.

This class isn't just about individuals working on ideas... it's equally about the synergy of new ideas can BLOOM with a little "watering" from other artists.... that sharing of ideas between artists help ALL involved and that sharing versus competiting is something that we should strive for in the bead community.

I didn't intend to have a workshop where people make something based on my assignment and then they dwell on it on their own and post it for people to "oooh and aaaah" over. If they want "ooohing and aaaaaahing" there are plenty of newsgroup show and tells where they can do that. My workshop is for really putting yourself out there.... being open to someone suggesting some new ways of looking at your work. NOT criticizing it, but giving you another set (or 15) of eyes that see things you don't see in your own work.

In order to make this work, however, everyone HAS TO TALK!!!!! The group doesn't necessarily have to be chatty all the time in the "wall" section of the group, but REALLY talking about the assignment and ideas is imperative for this to reach its potential.

SO... I have now re-grouped everyone who was participating and committed via message to me that they are all the way IN. They're all in one group together now. And I'm crossing my fingers, hoping and praying that it works this time.

I'm really proud of the concept and of the inspiration that it's been to the people who have participated in it. I think it's helped people look at their own work from a different perspective and has lit a spark under them... AND has made work that looks like NO other beads out there in bead world, proving that there IS something new under the sun and that the people who say "it's all been done" as a justification of their unoriginality are full of it and copping out.

SO.... we'll see what happens now. I'm excited, but cautiously so. I was feeling a lot of disappointment the past 4 weeks watching people drop out, not participate.... but I'm hoping that the half that are left will gel and do wonderful things together.

ok... enough of a rant. It wasn't too bad.... right???

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - Cinnamon Dolce Latte

music - my long long long long long mellow playlist. right now I'm listening to Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes which is such a beautiful song.

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