Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's a new day and a new blog!

Relocated to better suit your needs. (and mine)

Please pardon our mess while we're under construction...

(ok... we're not really under-construction here, but I just felt like a shop at the mall when I wrote those last 2 sentences.)

It was necessary to make a few changes. I hate that I had to go on a subscription basis, but such is life. We'll have a lot more fun at this party knowing that there aren't any uninvited guests.

(editor's note: there was a time when the blog went subscription only...it's obviously no longer that format)

I used to go to this quirky little store a long time ago (the name of it was Whimbles... you Atlanta people might have heard of it). It was located next to a mini-mall that had a huge parking lot. The back door of the shop opened up to where the big parking lot was. The FRONT of the store was on a pretty busy road without on-street parking. This little shop had no real parking lot, from what I can remember. It was a pain to park there because you couldn't park in the mini-mall lot. It had "we tow" signs everywhere.

ANYWAYS... the back of the store was painted with this little story about how a Troll lived next door to this fairy land and had a big empty parking lot that could have helped people get to the fairyland, but instead it liked to have cars that parked in his parking lot towed. She never actually called the troll the landlord of the adjacent mall, but you knew exactly who she was speaking about. I always thought that was funny. Funny and a good jab at her troll.

(editor's note: it only makes sense to a few of you who read this posting before it was edited what that story had to do with ANYTHING... but it's still a cute story just the same)

SO... welcome to the new and improved and lighter and fluffier Sylviebead Journal.

I'm glad you're here!!! And I can say that with all honesty. If you are reading this, then I know that I wanted you here for the party!

And we're gonna party................

here we go......

The BIG FAT BLAH BLAH BLAH of today......

Today's Coffee was a gift to me from Holly. Holly thank you SO very much. YOU ROCK!!!!! Thank you for all your support in the FYV class too. I really do appreciate you being my cheerleader. YAY! Holly!!! (check out Holly's website... www.Hollysfolly.com)

Coffee - Cinnamon Dolce Latte with Whipped cream. I actually had TWO of these today. My dad bought me coffee later in the day. So thank you Dad (even though I know he doesn't read my blog)

Music - actually I didn't listen to any music today. I was finishing my audiobook Undomestic Goddess. I loved it (again). I'm funny like that... I can read a book and remember it, but forget enough to enjoy reading it again and again and again as long as I wait at least a year between reads.

Something I'm thankful for.... Friends. I truly have the best friends in the world. From the GGMs (my version of the Ya Ya Sisterhood) to my other wonderful friends (both in-person and online ones). YOU are the reason that I missed blogging the past week. I love having a way to talk to all of you at once. Thank you for listening. :)


dooalot said...

It's good to have you back Sylvie, my dear :) Love ya!

CreekHiker said...

So glad you are back and you will be better than ever!!!