Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Thursday to Me!!!!!! (and you too)

and I'm going to take a total risk and say Happy STRESS FREE Thursday to us all!!!

I hate to have invited you to this party and have nothing to say, but I'm really feeling quiet today. I wish I had exciting stuff to talk about, but I don't. Phooey!

But sometimes NOT exciting is good... maybe perfect for a stress-free Thursday!

Things I've realized that are sort of bummers about the new blog...

1. My quest to take over the world has to end. sniff sniff. Sorry Pinkie. We can only have 100 readers. (what happens then???? I've had more than 100 in the past, so I'm wondering about this)

2. I can't be a result on bizarre google searches like Kroger Whimsical Whoopies anymore! That's sad.

Ok... those were the bad things of the day...

There is a good thing too. 3 people on Lampwork Etc. said absolutely wonderful things about me being an influence in their beadmaking. They made me cry. It's good to hear things like that sometimes and was especially important for me this week. So thank you if you are here reading!!

okie dokie... that's it for today.

Tiny blah blah blah is a bit boring today....

no coffee - I had a coke from McDonalds with a Sausage McMuffin instead. Some days are just trashy drive-thru days.

music - no music either! I'm still listening to my sappy audiobooks. :)


CreekHiker said...

Only 100!!!???? That sucks! We'll have to petition Blogger...

Sylvie said...

Yeah, I'm trying to figure out how to deal with that. Maybe by then, all the drama will have passed.

Who knows.... how many people want to read this crazy stuff anyways???