Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy Happy Thursday to me!!! (and you too, I guess)

I'm a little punchy today due to lack of sleep. I was up EARLY this morning getting kids ready to go to school EARLY EARLY EARLY, but it made me happy WHY we were going early. My older son has been wrangled into going to "Art Club" by his friend. He was hesitant, but being "art mom" it made me happy that he was willing to go try it at least. (he's not big on "new" things... new restaurants, new shoes, new ANYTHING.... and how can someone NOT want new shoes is totally foreign to me!)

ANYWAYS...I was happy he agreed to try something new....and also happy because it's art!! The things he makes in art are always really cool, so I'm hoping that he'll be able to spend a little more time being creative. Both my kids are actually very artistic... and in very different ways from each other, so it's going to be fun to see if it's something they pursue even as a hobby. So far it has been limited to a tiny bit of beadmaking and lots of comic-drawing, but that's pretty cool on its own.

SO... onto the bloggy beady news... and amazingly there IS beady news!!! woo hoo! My BEAD blog might actually be back fulltime... though I don't want to jinx it YET.

I'm still having problems with control on bigger beads, but I'm getting back in the rythym by making lots of baby beads. I said the other day that I'm the queen of pixie dust.... I really think (and this will sound totally conceited in bead world... but it's my blog and I can brag on myself here if I want) that I do a lot more color-studying than many beadmakers. I don't get bogged down in having a color-scheme, making "sets" that fit into that... I just explore color as a whole and then use the beads as stand-alones putting together sets that are all individual. I think that makes my stuff a LOT different than what's traditionally been sold.

I totally rock color... it's the one thing I can TOTALLY say about myself without hesitating. I have excellent color-sense and take chances with color that make my work different. I very rarely use a rod of glass just as it comes... I mix it with other stuff and make it MINE.

So... enough of the applauding myself (though I need to do that every once in a while). In other bead news... I made beads again yesterday!! Woo Hoo!!! We lost power in my office yesterday, so I headed home early and got about 45 min. in on the torch before picking up child 1. He let me work for another 45 minutes before picking up child 2 and then they entertained each other for another 30 minutes, letting me get some more tiny beads made!!

That schedule wouldn't work if I was trying to make sculptural things, but it was fine for little stuff. I kept working from the "recipe book" and yesterday was all about pink. Violet pixie dust and pale amethyst make a really pretty pale pinkish color and most of these beads were that combination, though I did add some pink enamel in there also. I probably made over 200 tiny pink beads !!!

If you're a beadmaker and are gasping at the quantities, I'm not making one bead at a time AND they really really are simple and tiny beads. And as someone reminded me yesterday.... when you make that many beads, you have to CLEAN that many beads. :)

I'm hoping to get a little beadmaking time in tonight, but I'm not holding my breath... there's some other stuff that needs to get done too.

time for the tiny blah blah blah... (which today is not as tiny because we have a sponsor!!!)

Today's tiny blah blah blah is sponsored by my sister. She has a lot to say about stuff, but it's not stuff I'm willing to let her say here. LOL

BUT because she bought my coffee, she DOES get to make an announcement... SO since I'm editing her REAL comments... I'm substituting them with my own Public Service Announcement with her in mind. In the this day and age of facebook, you tend to find people whose friend lists include people you'd rather forget. A name came up the other day that was on our "wish we could forget list" SO...This one's for you sis....

WARNING: Dating or Marrying anyone named Jim Collis might be hazardous to your emotions, your wallet, your credit rating AND your shoe collection!!!!

My sister dated this guy in college and he was SCUM.... a total low life. There are TONS of stories I could tell, but for THIS cup of coffee, I'll only tell one...

While dating her, he used HER credit card to buy an engagement ring for another girl!!! Who does this????? HE DID. Now, I'm not sure that this is the woman he actually married, but I'm saying it here, out loud that this guy was TRASH. Hopefully he's turned his life around by now, but my sister deserves a BIG apology from him... he ruined her credit AND he stole my shoes!!!!!!!!!!

Hell hath no fury like a the sister of a woman scored whose 8 pairs of pumps were STOLEN. (he took a chest of mine that was stored at my parents house that had AT LEAST 8 pairs of women's pumps in it. I've always wondered if he was a closet cross-dresser. He was a jerk of a homophobe, but he DID drive around with a "pride" sticker for months "without knowing what it was!")

Want to rant or rave? Have a birthday shout-out to one of my readers (like all 20 of you know each other! LOL)... buy me a cup of coffee and it'll buy you a line or two! ;)

SO... what did that "tiny blah blah blah sponsorship" earn me???

Coffee - A " TALL cup of JAVA" which in starbucks talk = 1 Venti Cinnamon Dolce Latte (she was surprised to find out that a tall is actually a small and upgraded her sponsorship to a venti)

Music - The Wreckers. I'm in a sort of country mood today... and they're just "sort of" country. yesterday while making beads, I was in a Wallflowers mood.

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