Wednesday, January 07, 2009

It's a grey grey Wednesday...

I'm really needing some blue skies lately. We need the rain, but it's really getting old. PLUS my front lawn is slowly washing away.... and I have red-georgia mud footprints everywhere from my dog... Not fun.

SO... beadmaking talk (that's why I'm here right?) I got a whole 30 minutes in on the torch yesterday... woo hoo (she says a bit sarcastically). I really had hoped for a couple of hours, but my schedule took a twist that was unexpected. I've said before that even though my kids are of an age that I SHOULD be able to work downstairs in my own house while they play upstairs... for some reason, my youngest just can't.

I remember back in the summer of 2003??? that the boys were with me during the day in the summer and I had THOUGHT I'd be able to make beads for an hour or so a day since they were older... that totally didn't happen back then. (I re-read some of my blog from that summer and was reminded of that) I guess I've been hoping that as they got to be even OLDER, they'd let me have a little time in the studio, even if they're home... no go.

SO ANYWAYS... I got a whole whopping 30 minutes of beadmaking in last night. Little pixie dust beads (pale amethyst with highlight violet)... about 3 mandrels of them.

I'm HOPING to get a little more in tonight. We'll see. If it doesn't work, then I'm going to have to change my schedule around and start making beads from 10-midnight. That's not my optimum time, but I've done it in the past, so I it's possible.

I'll keep you posted....

tiny blah blah blah... brought to you by Sarah who totally rocks for her sponsorship BUT will get to sponsor tomorrow too since I didn't go to Starbucks today... sorry sis.

coffee - nope. Dr. Pepper

music - Lori McKenna's album Unglamorous

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