Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Tuesday and I'm hopeful.

For lots of reasons...

1. My idea bank for seed bead projects is no longer clogged! I am SO SO SO happy with this idea I have brewing in my brain. It's one I totally see coming into fruition (there are lots that I don't... this one is FABULOUS, if I do say so myself). As my customers know, I love projects that do more than one thing... or are more than one thing... or can be worn more than one way. I'm really happy about this one!!! It wasn't one that had been brewing for a while... it just POPPED into my head and was a total "aha!" moment as I was making little beads the other day. I have a lot of research and trial-and-error stuff to do, but I hope to have a proto-type ready by Bead and Button. I will NOT have kits for this until the next year. It's going to take a lot of time to write the patter... but I have a GREAT idea!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!

2. I am fairly high on the waiting-list for bead and button!!!!!!!!!! I didn't have to be juried in because of my many years of doing the show. I'm glad to know that my doing the show for umpteen years meant something. I'm also very thankful to Anne who paved the way for my phone call. Thank you Anne!!! (waving at Anne... just in case she's reading)

3. Personal stuff that I'm not going to discuss here. (I'll just leave you wondering)

4. Starbucks has cupcakes. Ok... that's not really something I'm HOPEFUL about... but they are good!!!

5. OK... another not "hopeful" but very happy thing...It's 2 weeks till my birthday!!!! I LOVE my birthday. I think the only people who count the days to their birthday are children under the age of 10... and me. I spent 6 years having my birthday in Tucson during the bead shows. That was fun, but wasn't "all about me" I'm totally from the "my birthday is all about me" school of thought. SO, I'm beginning the 1 week of Sylvie starting on Friday!!!! It will culminate 7 days later, February 7th with a birthday night out. Hooray for me and my 42nd birthday (yes, I actually said my age "out loud" I don't usually do that)

ok... time for the tiny blah blah blah....

Today is sponsored, once again by Rosemarie and her week-of-coffee!!!!! WOO HOO! Thank you Rosemarie!!!

coffee - CDL (with all the sugar AND whipped cream... it was one of those days! Prepared by Omar... YAY Omar! This is deliciouso!!)

music - Colbie Callait and Corrine Bailey Rae - a mixed playlist with just them. Right now I'm listening to Oxygen by Colbie Callait... love that song. One of my favorites from the album. Just listened to Sexy Back pirated (gasp!) recording by Corrine Bailey Rae. It is GREAT and I wish she would really record it so that I could BUY it!!!

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