Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Monday!

woo hoo!!! (not really, but I'm TRYING to look enthusiastic)

I had a wonderful weekend and spent a nice amount of time in the studio. I'm continuing to just find my rhythm again and just practice practice practice. Spent time making little beads and playing with color.

I'm starting the next round of the Finding Your Voice groups today. I'm excited about having a new batch of people going through the process. A lot of the people from the first round liked it enough to stick around and sort of do an "independent study" thing continuing the journey together. Pretty cool.

I found out today that my little project was discussed on Wet Canvas. I was sort of trying to keep it a secret, but knew at some point, it would get talked about if people enjoyed it. I'm just a little worried about what happens now.... do I get inundated with people wanting to take the workshop??? Do I have to turn people away??? Does it just get absorbed INTO wet canvas, where I lose control of it??? Is that ok anyways???

Not sure why I feel so possessive of it... since the whole point is sharing ideas, but the ego inside of me DOES feel a certain amount of territorial ism about the workshop itself. Might have to just get over it.

must think more on it... will keep you posted

Tiny blah blah blah...

today is brought to you by no one... because...

Coffee - Nope. Was really thirsty and in a Dr. Pepper mood instead

Music - My long long long playlist that I had going in the studio all weekend. I'll post it on the sidebar later. It's a lot of FUN music but really a crazy mix... everything from the Dixie Chicks to Flo Rida. It makes me laugh.

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