Thursday, January 29, 2009


We're almost there!!!!!!!

I need need need a weekend! Not that the weekend is any less hectic, but I need to sleep a little later than 5:15. My dog has decided that he will now wake up every morning at 5:15-5:30ish when the heater starts warming up the house (I finally figured this out the other day)... he must not like it being warm... sleeps better in the cold???

ANYWAYS... I have the thermostat programmed so it starts to heat up the house before I wake up because if it's cold, I can't get out from under the covers. Well, the dog, apparently wants to wake up when the heater comes on NOT once the house warms up, so I'm either going to have to suffer and be cold OR suffer and be woken up to go outside at 5:30... I'm thinking being cold is going to win.

But I'm groggy and need some sleep and I'm HOPING that I can get a LITTLE extra this weekend!

It's also my pretend birthday weekend. My kids won't be with me on my birthday (February 7th in case you were wondering and should you need gift ideas, please refer to my Christmas list... I think almost everything there is still quite valid. .... snicker) But my kids wanted to have a "party" for my birthday, so we're going out with family on Saturday to celebrate. Other than that, it's organization weekend!!! Not fun, but necessary. I need to purge some stuff from the past (and present) and it's a good weekend to do that.

I'm HOPING that there will be a little bit of time left for beads, but I'm not counting on it.... maybe, but probably not.

Yesterday wasn't a beady day either... so nothing fun to report on with my new idea that's just spinning around in my head OTHER than the fact that I need to get my hands on another copy of the Russian beading book. Our dog (not the current dog) ate my copy of it. I looked at the bookstore the other day and as I stared at the shelves thought "duh... they are not going to carry a beading book that's entirely in Russian here!!!" And I forgot, until writing this, that I still haven't found one. I'm going to check amazon and some of the bead sites. I'm not patient... I want immediate book gratification!

But it has some stitches I need to look at... things I don't usually use, but will work great for this project..

More on all this later.

Tiny blah blah blah... brought to you today and tomorrow by Rosemarie!!! Thank you again and again!!!!!!!

coffee - CDL

music - NONE! oh no!!! forgot to plug in the ipod. Didn't notice until just now because I've been "singing" Jason Mraz "I'm Yours" in my head all morning!!!

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