Friday, October 09, 2009


(not the relaxed exhale kind of "aaaaah" but the Lucy Van Pelt Peanuts kind of "AAAAH!!!")

I have SO much to do before I leave for Detroit and not enough time to do it... PLUS the boys are out of school for a teacher work day... which means even LESS time to do it in!


The good news is that I found some special Halloween girls and will have them at the show. I thought I was completely out of Halloween kits, but I have a few really fun and different witchy hats and shoes. Hopefully they'll find the right home in Michigan!

I'll also have the Christmas kits there... the question is how many.

So... off to work!

Happy Weekend!!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - CDL but could SO use another one! (but shouldn't since I'm trying to make beads today)

music - a mix of all kinds of stuff this morning from Aerosmith to Guns and Roses.... studio music will be JT or Corinne Bailey Rae.... I need to chill.

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