Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Monday Monday.....

Actually, it hasn't been toooooo bad for a Monday.

I had a great meeting with the girls from Beads by Design to talk about the retreat. I've been working on the Queen of Hearts sample over the weekend and more today. I'm making progress... but I wish it would go faster. I need to get pictures taken!!!

I am working on another color palette for the You Are My Sunshine ring. I can't remember if I wrote this before or not (so ignore it if I did). I decided to name the project that because it really makes me happy when I wear it.... and skies have been SO grey around here lately, so it just seemed appropriate since it looks like a Sunflower.

So... must finish samples.... off to bead!

tiny blah blah blah

coffee - CDL

music - audio books. Finished the Sookie Stackhouse book and started a Sophie Kinsella one that I've listened to before, but forgotten most of the story.

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rosebud101 said...

busy, busy, busy! You go, girl!