Sunday, May 15, 2005

Am posting quickly because Griffin is sitting here jumping up and down waiting to go to Barnes and Noble. (why I don't really know...he just knows we're going, and I'm guessing he's planning to hit me up for something while we're there!)

Am going to head straight to magazine section in a moment of vanity to see if I'm there!!!

Here's a funny funny site that my friend Jan e-mailed me this a.m. I died laughing, so I'm putting the link here. I'll add it to my side bar later...

off to get books and starbucks and hopefully magazine.

no music so far (other than in church)
no beads either!

(update...tea not coffee at Starbucks. They didn't have any Bead Unique Magazines at Barnes and Noble...I will check again in a few days)

Here's a picture of the article though!

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