Saturday, May 14, 2005

Happy Dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm in a magazine, I'm in a magazine!!!!!! (sung in my best Sandra Bullock voice from Miss Congeniality when she "sings" "you know you like me, you want to kiss me...")

I was taking Brad Pearson's class today and Gerry, the owner of the beadstore where the class was asks me "will you sign my magazine?" YOWZA! It was my article!!! I knew that I'd been interviewed and sent pictures, but didn't know when the magazine would publish the "artist spotlight" about me. They did!! It's here!!!

Bead 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bead Unique Magazine Current Issue
(this link is to the "current issue page" which as of today is not the current issue...hopefully it will change soon!"

happy dance!

And here are some beads from this week. Not my best photos, but they were fun beads!

coffee today - mais oui....iced venti hazlenut light ice latte (that's a mouthful!)

music - thanks to Brad Pearson, lots of fun reggae. I'm going to go find the album he played which was Bob Dylan songs done reggae!

p.s. funny link du jour...a blog (which wasn't what drew me in, rather this page with fortune cookie style quotations. I loved these!)
Fortune Cookie Quotes from Fussy

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