Saturday, May 07, 2005

Up and at 'em. Doing shipping ('s been on the to do list for a few days and I'm making myself do it this a.m.).

I really really want to go make beads, but alas I have sold these and must ship them. I won't get to make beads for myself (or to sell, rather) until later tonight...if then.

We have soccer games this noontime, then I'm going to Beads by Design for the Southern Flames - Beadmaking Extraaaaaaaaaaaaaaavaaaganzaaaaa (you have to say that with big Circus voice...holding all the "a" sounds for a long time). Our group volunteered to make all the beads that go on the totebags for this year's Gathering Convention in Louisville. Our party (extravaganza) is so that people can sit and make beads together, using the group's glass/gas instead of their own since the group is making the donation.

So...after that, I come home and might get to make beads then, but probably not...just have to see how things go.

I really need to be getting ready for Bead and Button, but I'm so scattered right now. I've got 3 new seed bead designs that I want to make (and if they're good write patterns for). I've got all these new glass bead ideas in my head that I want to try, AND I'm in the middle of writing my "book". I need to FINISH something! AND I need to make some money at whatever I do finish. Bead and Button is pressing, though, as I have already spent the $ to do the show..the ad $, etc. It's a biggie for me and I HAVE to be ready!!!! to ship.
need coffee...need music, but if i go downstairs to the studio, I'll make beads and forget shipping.

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