Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday doesn't go the way I want it to...ever.

Planned to make beads all day. Forgot I had to go help @ Harrison's school. Got home...almost out of oxygen...had to make little beads instead of what I really need to order to keep going on this last 500lbs I have left.

Made 1 vessel (pretty cool one I think), a couple of little faces, one fairy godmother, one weird-test focal...just have to wait and see if it's anything worth trying again, lots of little baby beads, a couple of hearts...I think something else big, but I can't remember. mostly little beads, though, due to oxygen shortage.

I am waiting for my new concentrator to arrive and don't want to go get new tanks of oxy...but I'm probably going to have to. :(

Realized today actually how few days are left until Bead and Button and somewhat freaked out!

In bigger, happier news...I am making a DVD!!!! It's not all finalized yet, but I am making it! After seeing myself on video...the one of the demo I did at the Southern Flames meeting, I was a bit weirded out. I talk like Minnie Mouse, have a double chin, look way more like my sister than I thought I did, but AM A GOOD DEMO and a GOOD BEADMAKER! It's funny to watch myself do what I do every day...but from the other side of the flame.

So, am in discussion with film people (yes, real film people, not just do-it-yourself video) how and in what time frame we're doing this, but I AM MAKING A DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's going to be a DVD version of my class. 8 demos (maybe on 2-3 separate dvds, maybe 1...have yet to decide)

I am going to ask for some feedback, but I think I'm going to actually have an audience to ask questions while I do the demo. It just seemed to flow nicely in the demo with the question/answer patter.

Ok...enough for today.

No coffee (and might have to give up Starbucks until after my 20 yr class reunion in August, as I fear it is a contributor to weight gain)

yes ipod music - today "midnight music for monkeys" - the playlist I made for my kids to go to sleep to. :)

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