Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I tried to post yesterday, but blogger was offline during the window of time I had to type. :)

Swim Team dramas continued yesterday. Hopefully, things will have calmed down a bit today....otherwise this beadmaker might not make it through the summer without a visit to the NUT HUT!

Beadmaking yesterday was wonderful. I made things that I really liked. Hopefully, I can get some pictures here soon. I was exploring striking yellow with enamels and gold leaf (I love gold leaf!!) You would never know that looking at my beads that I even use gold leaf because I tend to melt it in and make the colors richer. The new vase-face beads have windows of gold leaf that are actually gold.

Today, no beadmaking. I have a sick kid. :(

I did clean part of my studio today. All stray glass is off the worktop. If you've ever seen my workplace you would know that is a HUGE thing.

I have tons of glass to be sorted and put into appropriate color drawers...but for now, at least the table top is clear!

I am hoping to get my new tabletops installed soon, and that required getting the old table cleaned off.

I need an assistant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no starbucks today - snapple diet peach tea
music - more "music for mermaids" I love my ipod!!!!!!!!

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