Wednesday, May 18, 2005

watching Lost (way behind and way "lost" myself) and making bead bundles. Cleaned lots of baby beads last night.

Still no concentrator has arrived, so I'm going to have to go on an oxy quest tomorrow...otherwise no more beads until the concentrator arrives. and when will that be????/ not sure yet.

Will be going to Beads by Design on Friday to rent torchtime, just in case no oxy arrives in time.

today - no beadmaking - at work for my Dad
Coffee - Venti Iced Hazlenut Latte (and lemon poundcake for which I feel guilty)
Exercise - no
Children's Honor Asseblies Attended - One, where the same 6 kids got awards over and over and over (and I think you can guess mine wasn't one of those 6...otherwise I'd be thrilled about going to an Honor Assembly! LOL)

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