Thursday, May 19, 2005

I made beads today!!!

I did go to the honors assembly at Harrison's school AND got to make beads too!!!

Just finished watching apprentice finale and am glad he chose Kendra. What cracks me up is that he says there is going to be an Apprentice musical on Broadway! That's wacko!!!

Just a short entry today...wanted to say hooray that I got to make beads. The oxygen concetrator wasn't shipped until yesterday, so I'm really really glad that Rob brought me 2 new tanks...that way I'll make it until the arrival of hte oxy con.

Tomorrow I'm going to make beads at Beads by Design in Marietta with my friend Margo. It will be the first time I've actually rented torch time! I'm doing it as a fun activity, not because I don't have my own studio, but it gives me a social outlet. :)

no coffee today
diet peach snapple. mmmmmmmmm

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