Wednesday, May 25, 2005

making beads like crazy this week. Hooray! Am finding a rythym to the summer and might actually be ready for Bead and Button when it's time to go there! (guess I'm ready no matter what I've finished or not when it's time to go there!)

Not too much time to go online when busy with beadmaking AND kids at home. So far so good though. Have a wonderful assistant making kits for me, so life is a bit more sane than it might have been at this moment.

coffee today - mint chip frappucino - not sure why I ordered that, but the suggestive sell thing at the drive thru got me. I think I can safely say...not going to be my "regular" starbucks order. Kind of like a girl scout cookie frozen on caffine! Way too chocolate-y for me.

music - no, but listening to the Devil Wears Prada on the ipod. Somewhat amusing so far, but not too far into it.

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