Friday, May 06, 2005

Getting ready to head to the studio to continue this new "bend" I'm on. Here's the history of where this is all coming from.

In 2000 (?) I began making these faces with tall hairdos (originally cakes, but they became hair), I then started computer drawings of more girls with "big hair" - example circa 2001 (below left)

Since then, in between mermaids, I keep coming back to this same motif. These beads with taller and taller hair (above right).

So, I was playing with beads earlier this week and did the progression of beads below (a few days ago). After that, I kept thinking of ways to incorporate them into my already existing work. Well, while having my oil changed yesterday, I sketched this big hairdo with embellishment and it became a vessel. I came home and made this bead and here it is...

I am so grooving on this bead. (it cracked a tiny bit because I was distracted while making the bead - long story)

Now, this said, take a look at the art I so on this same page or what? How much more can one have going on in their head or hair (however you see it)???? My therapist (yes I said it here, publicly) said that I might be drawing/making/drawn to these things because they CONTAIN all the stuff that's in their heads/hair. She wonders if it's because I'm always saying that I have so many ideas flying around in my head and I want to keep them contained. Hmmmmm. Interesting....(that's my best therapist-speak) I think I just like big hair. :)

It's just a funny observation, but in looking at all these things (drawing, bead, new bead, the paintings I like below) they all have the following in common - LOTS going on above the face level AND all have serene faces. It's just such an interesting thing. I'm going to have to actually explore the concept now that it's been drawn to my attention.

coffee today - no (and probably shouldn't. I'm zooming already)
Music - not yet, but handy ipod is going to studio with me in a minute. My "music to make mermaids" might have to be changed to "music for big haired girls" and include some B-52s. :)

on a non-related to anything note...I think that I might have some google sponsored ads on this page. Mostly because I think it will be funny to see what key words they pull out of my postings to find things to sell. Will there always be a coffee link? Will Ipods be linked? Hmmmmmmm. I think it would be funny to see. It reminded me of when people found my site because they googled "the ozbornes" with it spelled incorrectly like I did! I also had a lot of hits from people looking for "poison ivy, itches". I always look to see how people get to my site other than the predictable "sylviebead" way. :)

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