Tuesday, May 17, 2005

IF YOU ARE A BEADMAKER AND READ MY BLOG...Please comment on this posting. thanks!

Another Tuesday posting...

I had a cornucopia of oxygen and made lots of little beads before it ran out. and that is all of the oxygen until either my concentrator arrives OR I go get more tanks. In the meantime I'll work on the book and kits I guess.

Maybe clean beads? I don't know....but I'll find something to do. (doesn't it just figure that when I have the most beads to make, I run out of oxy?!)

Well on to other things...

I had a posting pulled from Wet Canvas today because it was considered a solicitation. I felt bad about that...BUT I still need help!!! I need to figure out if people would rather have a LONG video with lots of demos OR short demos each on one DVD. I like the idea of having an "audience" so that they can ask "frequently asked questions" and have it be more of a class-type video than me just talking step by step. I think it would be more interesting, but I don't know if people would like that or not.

This is why it was considered a solicitation I guess, but I really just want to work on something that is useful and marketable rather than a dud. :)

drinking gatorade at present...was out in sun at swimteam. Am getting very tan :)
exercise today = 1 hour, candy = none (but I really want some!), Days till 20 yr class reunion - 95!

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