Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Thursday!!!

A friend and I call it "stress-free Thursday" mostly trying to think positive because Thursdays rarely are for some reason. Maybe it's because you're trying to get everything done so that you can relax on Friday??? Not sure, but in my positive thinking mode, I'm calling it "Stress Free Thursday!" Please feel free to join the trend.

I have nothing beady to report other than the fact that I'm now DYING to get into my studio and work. I'm letting life stuff get in the way (some of it I'm LETTING, others are just necessary, can't help it stuff.) BUT the fact that I'm DYING to get in there is huge. I haven't felt that way in a long time, so it's kind of exciting.

We'll see what happens tonight.

Yesterday evening was spent on computer stuff. I had to go to the Mac store to get a new mouse and keyboard for our desktop computer. I also had wanted to have them take a look at my laptop computer because it's being weird. I can't use it without having it plugged in, which makes the whole idea of a laptop computer kind of moot, huh? PLUS the plug for the laptop is this little magnetized thingy and it is easily UNPLUGGED meaning that as soon as someone jostles the computer user (which is normal in my house... either a kid or a cat or a dog), the computer turns off and you have to start whatever you're doing all over again.

Not fun.

BUT now I at least have a functional mouse for the kitchen computer, so the kids can use it again and I can try to put up with the laptop until I can get back to the mac store on a day that they are not swamped. It was CRAZY in there yesterday. I think all the college students are getting their computers before going away (they're giving away an ipod if you buy a computer... probably that's why they're so busy right now).

SO, I spent my evening doing computer things THEN helped my kids get facebook accounts and send each other "flair." (if you don't facebook, that won't make sense, but they absolutely LOVED it and that made me happy since it was something I introduced them to." I even got an ALMOST unsolicited "my mom rocks!" (ok, it WAS solicited, but they meant it when they said it AND I got a hug from Griffin, so that was pretty huge!)

After kids went to bed I watched Project Runway and THAT is the topic of the blog entry today (not all the assorted nonsense in the above paragraphs! LOL)

Here's what I think...

The guy who is making the shredded wheat outfits just HAS to go!!!!!!!!!! He is SO full of himself and even though he is a little innovative and a couple of his designs have been cool.... the one last night was HORRID!!!!! It reminded me of a black and white version of Sigmund the Sea monster from the Sid and Marty Croft show of the same name!!!!! AWFUL!!!!!!!

And the tan kid? The one who says "licious" after everything... he's only on there for comedic value right now... that is the ONLY redeeming quality he seems to have right now. His Pterodactyl Mardi-gras meets tacky Pinata design last night should have put him in the bottom group. I have no idea how he survived!!!

The guy who got voted out was boring, sure, but those other 2 were just plain AWFUL!!!!!!!

People I do like...

The 2 African American women designers. I can't think of their names off hand (but will have to go look because I really like them.... hold on.... Korto and Terri!) I love them both. Each has a different aesthetic, but they are both SO talented and so NOT weird!!! In the past, for some reason, each season they have had some bizarro African American woman who just didn't represent style to me the way these women do. I have NO idea why. The exception to that would be Kara from the first season.

ANYWAYS both Terri and Korto made really really cool stuff last night for the drag queen costume designs. Terri's was over the top wonderful design-wise, and you could tell she totally expected to win... and maybe should have if the contest had not been about drag-queens. The winner just represented his queen SO well and you could tell how happy she was with the design. I think that's why he won. You could tell Terri was disappointed though. We'll see if that was a little bit of fore-shadowing!

ok... that was totally non-beady, but was what I was thinking about today. I always wanted to be a fashion designer when I was little and that's probably why the show is SO interesting to me. I think I ended up doing something just as interesting and challenging though. If I'd ever get back in the studio and DO it!!!!!!!!

time for the tiny blah blah blah...

Coffee today - totally Starbucksing - Cinnamon Dolce Latte - 3 pumps WITH whip

Music today - NOTHING! gasp! Need to put the ipod in the speaker and listen to something... QUICK!

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