Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Monday!!!!!!

(I'm trying to be enthusiastic, adding all those exclamation points... but it's not really working for me)

For some reason, the weekend just wasn't long enough this time. Usually I feel like I had a nice long weekend and I'm fine to be back at work on Monday. Not this time. I want a weekend do-over!!!!! I shouldn't complain about rain because we have needed it so badly for the past two years, but I wish it wouldn't rain on the weekend!

So, here we are on Monday... nothing beady to talk about, so I'll talk about something fun I saw on the Internet this morning. My mom is big into genealogy and a site called I occasionally look to see what's going on with my extended family, but not too often.

BUT today I was feeling a little guilty for spending more time socializing with long-lost-friends on Facebook and not enough time with my actual FAMILY, so I logged on and looked at the site.

I saw a posting by my aunt (my Dad's sister Janie) about my Grandma Rose and her twin Sister Edith. It would have been their 88th birthday on 8/8/08! Isn't that cool???!!! (I think so.) My grandma passed away when I was in college and her twin a few years (?) ago.

Here's the picture that Janie posted in celebration of their b-day. What fun girls they were!!!! (fun adults too) I have the best memories of them and hope that my sister and I are as close and goofy/young as they always seemed even into their days as grandparents.

So, here's to you Rose and Edith... you rocked!!! (and I miss you bunches!)

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee today - Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce

music - none so far. I spent my morning listening to Muzak at the Sprint Store. ugh!

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