Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Happy Wednesday world!!!

(and Happy Birthday Keith, if you're reading this, which you sometimes do)

I posted a note on my facebook page and then thought... I should post it on my blog too!

I'm figuring that all my friends (and random readers in countries across the world LOL) are out there wondering... what should I get Sylvie for Christmas ... so I thought I'd make it easier for all of you. (hopefully you know I'm kidding)

I always figure that if I say things like this publicly then maybe I'll get sponsorship from one of these companies and I'll get free products!! ;)

1. A Garmon portable GPS so that I don't have to mapquest things all the time.
2. Chanel Perfume - Allure or Coco the small refillable spray version.
3. Fiestaware Red Service Pieces
4. Almost anything fun from the Mac (cosmetics not computer) counter... lipgloss is always a good idea!
5. LOTS of things from Sephora - I like all the Fresh (brand) bath products and love Philosophy skin care.
6. Fuzzy Nordstrom brand socks - I'm picky on this one. Questions? Please contact Jenny or Denise.
6. Gift certificates to:
Barnes and Noble,
AMC Theaters,
California Pizza Kitchen,
Ted's Montana Grill

(both of those last 2 you can get bonus gift certificates for yourself if you buy them for others... just a little 411 for you all)

In addition... because I'm trying to stay on subject, I will add a couple of glass beadmaking items...

CIM glass - I don't own any of this and the colors look REALLY cool!!!
Any of the new Silvered Glass colors that mimic borosillicate glass. I've had a couple of samples, but I don't REALLY own any of these... would be a very nice Christmas gift indeed!!!

and last but not least...

I wish for Starbucks to BRING BACK MY CINNAMON DOLCE LATTE!!!!!!!!!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - NOPE! I'm drinking iced tea from Chick fil a in protest of my missing coffee drink

music - Jason Mraz and Colbie Callait (just finished Colbie's playlist as I wrote this, so moving on to Sara Bareilles)

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