Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's the END of the year!!

This one flew by and that's probably a good thing... it was NOT a good year... a lot of really crappy things happened, but they were just a drop in the bucket when it came down to it because, well, come to think of it, this actually was a pretty good year.

Lets review...

1. I'm SO much happier in my life than I was before for SO many reasons.

2. I've realized I can make beads again... most of the time... as long as I'm not feeling extreme stress.

3. I've started some people on a FANTASTIC creative journey and I feel a lot of pride knowing I'm helping them find their own voices as glass beadmakers.

4. I have had SO much fun with my friends in the past 12 months and I appreciate them more and more every day.

5. I've renewed relationships that were important to me in the past and I'm glad I "re-met" the people and that they're back in my life again.

6. I've added to my circle of friends some GREAT people and I'm glad I met them!!!

7. My relationship with my family is SO much stronger than I ever thought possible. From my sister, to my parents to my kids... I can't IMAGINE having a better family. (though I'm sure some of you will say the same about your families... mine really is THE BEST and I must say it right here publicly)

8. I've really come into my own as an individual. I don't take crap and that's something new for me. There are people in my lives whose opinions I value and I've learned to really censor the people whose opinions don't matter.... for the most part.

9. I'm stronger than I EVER thought I could be and I rock.

I really should come up with a reason 10, so that it's more of a "Top Ten," but I guess I'll stop on the "I rock" note... it's a good finish!

So 2008 wasn't too bad, but 2009... look out!

Happy New Year Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not so tiny Blah Blah Blah...

coffee today- no

Music today - Sylvie's New Groove! Total Party/Dance music (picture the Footloose scene with Sarah Jessica Parker bouncing in her seat hardly able to keep from dancing) THAT would be me in my office today. LOL (currently trying not to dance to Crazy In Love by Beyonce.... uh oh uh oh uh oh.....)

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