Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Thursday and as usual, it's ANYTHING but "stress-free"!!

SO... I'm removing that saying from my vocabulary... it's like taking your umbrella... it never rains when you do! And my saying "stress free" Thursday just CAUSES stress, I'm sure!!!!! (I'm kidding here... I don't think that my words can cause the kind of stuff that happens to me on Thursdays!!!)

Beady things... I have some FUN kits from that I'm going to work on during my Christmas vacation time without my boys. They have some really cool stuff there and my treat to myself was the "Mermaid Bracelet" (which really isn't mermaid-y... but the name is appopriate for a Sylvie bracelet... right???)

ANYWAYS... I'm looking forward to spending an afternoon making that for myself. I used to have these 2 silver bracelets that belonged to my Grandma. I lost them in our fire, so they're something that I miss. AND... this bracelet reminds me of them. It's not the same, but there is a familiarity to it and I think it would be a nice "every day" sort of bracelet like she wore.

SO... that's my beady talk for today. If you haven't been to their site... go check it out! They have online classes, great supplies and fun kits!!! Tell Lisa that I sent you. She's a lot of fun too!!

tiny blah blah blah...

no coffee - but I sure need it!!!!!!!!

music - no music... but I need something calming, so I really should find something FAST! On my way to a Dr. appointment this morning, there was TERRIBLE traffic and my son said "I'll find something for you to listen to" with a snicker. He started with "Black Betty" and then, after getting the evil-eye because that was anything BUT calm, he played Taylor Swift for me! I'm pretty sure he hates her... so that was nice of him. Her song about the breakup makes me crack up. "You can tell your friends that I'm obsessive, that's ok, I'll tell mine you're gay!" Totally makes me laugh! Maybe I need to put that song on repeat for a little while....

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