Monday, February 16, 2009

Holiday Monday!

The kids are out of school today, so it's not a normal Monday....and this is going to be short (hopefully) because of it.

This week looks like it's going to be a lot like last week (phooey!) full of appointments and stuff that is NOT fun....people I'd rather not see.... work I'd rather not do... places I'd rather not drive....that sort of stuff. I'll get through it just fine, I would just rather spend my time in more enjoyable ways....with more pleasant people. (or just by myself...that would work fine too)

I got a little bit of time in the studio yesterday while the boys were w/ a friend. I haven't looked in the kiln to see what the results were. There was no chalk-board game plan when I went in, so I just kind of winged it....which meant a little of this, a little of that, and not much productive stuff... but hopefully good experimentation that results in something good on another day. (that seemed like a rambling paragraph...more than usual.)

I made a bead the other day that I thought would be great, but when it came out the kiln it was HORRID... the colors were completely yucky...the face smeared... just over-all yuckiness. I'm trying not to get my hopes up about a bead that's in there today. I really liked it when it went INTO the kiln... I'm hoping I feel the same when it comes out. Will let you know tomorrow.

ok... time for the tiny blah blah blah...

today is a day-off for coffee sponsors (see why below)

coffee - nope. I totally needed it, but needed a bagel more. I don't like the coffee at the bagel place, so I had a coke. Sorry to disappoint.

music - Sylvie's newest longer mellow list (I really should get some more interesting playlist names). Just finished Dixie Chicks- Landslide, now listening to John Waite's Missing You (I love that song...could listen to it over and over). Just for the record, so that I don't get e-mails asking... I have no real attachment to the meaning of the song since he's being facetious, saying he doesn't miss her when he really does.... I'm DEFINITELY not missing anyone... I just like the song. (I think my personal version of "missing you" would be more of the Kelly Clarkson "since you've been gone" sort of variety. BUT I love the John Waites song I'll hit repeat and listen again.)

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