Thursday, February 12, 2009

I know that I've given a couple of quickie blog postings lately and this DOUBLE posting today should make up for that because I'm posting....


I promised pictures and here they are....

Pictures of my studio... sad but true, this is where I work. It's a mess and I'm willing to own up to it. I'm always envious of the people who have uber neat studios, but that's just not how I roll. It gets clean and organized, but goes right back to this in a week.

So... time for the studio tour...

The Walls of Seed Beads... over 200 colors (maybe more) of 15/0s and at least 100 of 11/0s. (sort of organized. They're all in containers and SORT OF in numeric order... I need to straighten them up a bit, but they're not too bad) There are a LOT of beads here. And those are just the seed-beads. There's a whole other section that's crystals, bali, semi precious and pearls (only not as many containers for sure!)

You envy me... I know. That's ok. :)

My Glass Table... Scary, but true. The white powder is pixie dust. I had a bit of spillage while working the other day and haven't gone back to fix it.

I hate the wall. I was trying to reproduce the walls in my old studio (see long time ago postings with pictures of my beautiful old studio) If you'll note in the seed bead wall pictues... they're even khaki!!! YUCK!!! NOT my choice for a studio color) Of course, I'd rather make beads than spend time painting the studio, so it remains the colors that it is. (the lime green wall isn't even completely done. I just painted enough that I'd have something other than khaki to stare at while making beads!!! Sad sad sad.)

Glass glass and more glass.... there are tools in that mess too. I desperately need some bead-fairies to come sort this stuff! I miss Marie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where stringers go to die.... If there is a stringer in a flowerpot, you can pretty much bet that it's never going to get used. I need to throw all of these away and start fresh! The mandrels, however, get used!!!

One of the 8 rolling Bisley cabinets (which are normally really expensive, but I got these years ago at a scratch and dent store for $10-20 each) in the studio holding glass. I also have them with other bead stuff in them. These are the glass ones. I love them because they're PERFECT for 1/3 rods, which is what I use. These 2 are the moretti cases (I've got one with boro and one with czech and other glass and 2 with miscellaneous stuff that are about to be reallocated to moretti) These 2 have the glass I use the most...Transparents on the left, Opaques on the right. I was doing a cool colors day, so all those drawers are open.

I recently bought glass, but have yet to re-stock the cabinets... so there is a big bag o' glass rods that sits out of the picture. I'm going to need to re-organize (ok, stop laughing any of you that already think it ISN'T organized right now) the colors because some of the drawers won't be able to hold all their labeled colors (greens are now in 4 drawers and I think I need more... same with purples)

The studio is full of little doodles and sketches like this one. Just so you know, this is on a napkin... can't remember where I was when I was doodling, but it was a restaurant. These are sketches for the Halloween Head Over Heels.

My "to do" list black-board. I recently erased the list that had been there for 2 years, which ended with... "Give me Money" (written by kids). I am trying not to overload the board and make reasonable requests of myself. This was the one for the other day.... and I DID follow the instructions!

The funny picture under the wavy line is the bead that I planned to make. I haven't taken her out of the kiln yet, so I have no idea if I like her or not, but I DID have fun making her!!!

ok... that ends our tour. Hopefully you feel superior in your organizational skills having viewed this. That's what I'm here for.... to make everyone else feel better about their own "mess" by viewing my REAL one!!!

(PLEASE don't call one of those intervention shows. I wouldn't be able to work if it was all put away!!!!!! Marie, if you're reading this... I COULD use you. You "get" how I work and YOUR intervention would be welcome!!!)

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