Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday of a busy week...

No beadmaking yesterday, but I didn't expect to. HOPING for a tiny bit (an hour or two???) tonight, but I've learned not to get my hopes up.

Yesterday was wacky... lots of stuff going on that had to be dealt with that wasn't beady at all. My big crazy puppy had to take a trip to the vet because he's developed a big black spot on his tongue. It was getting larger, which freaked me out (shouldn't read stuff online), but it turns out, he's just a "fancy" decorated dog. :) The line of Golden Retreivers that he is descended from have a genetic tendency to get black splotches on their tongues. Who knew???

The vet and the girls at the vet were happy to see him. They love him (even though he is crazy and HUGE) and are hoping for him to come visit for a weekend soon. We'll see. I DO need a vacation!!!

SO that was a big chunk of my afternoon yesterday. We also had home-stuff to do to get ready to go back to school today. Long weekends make the transition back to school harder (in my opinion!) I like having Fridays off better than Mondays.... we're used to Sunday transitions...not Monday ones. BUT the school system doesn't ask me my opinions AND the federal government seems to like Monday holidays...so I guess I'm outta luck! :)

IF I get studio time tonight, I'm going to be making head over heels girls. I'm operating under the assumption that I got into Bead and Button. It would be worse not to and then scramble trying to get stuff ready in a short amount of time. I'll just pace myself and make stock. If I DON'T get in, then I have things to sell later. That's how I see it, anyways.

These Head Over Heels girls are not the same as the old ones, so making them is going to be fun. I'm anxious to see what everyone thinks when they see their "unveiling"

ok... off to work... the other work...

tiny blah blah blah...

Today's coffee is brought to me by Alice. Who was wonderful and filled my coffee card tip-jar for me. I'm going to be having coffee on Alice for a while now. :) YAY!!! Alice didn't specify any sort of "shout out" so I'll send you to her site as my thank you... Succulent Glass Thank you Alice!!!!!

coffee - Cinnamon Dolce Latte with whipped cream!
music - NONE!!! My computer needs charging and its using the free outlet that the ipod speaker would use!! TRAGIC!!!! (I don't even have a song playing in my head!!!)

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