Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Stress Free Thursday...

so I'm destressing. :)

I'm sitting here concentrating on what matters most....


and this

and them

I just realized I don't have photos of any of my friends from church (unless I steal them from their sites and they might not be ok with that....) so please imagine a picture of the most wonderful people in the world right here. Christian Church Buckhead

I also don't have pictures of all my bead friends, unless I pirate them from their facebook pages! SO... please imagine lots of FUN, creative, brilliant, supportive people here. I don't have enough room for all the links... sorry.

and the non-people-y (that's a word cuz I say so) things that make me happy...

the fact that I made this

and have taught or inspired LOTS of people to make their own things too!

So... that's much better than a fake shiny-happy posting isn't it??? It's a real one.

I'm truly truly truly blessed to have the life I have.... and I need to remind myself of that as much as possible!

tiny blah blah blah....

coffee moment, brought to you once again by Alice!!! THANK YOU!!!

Coffee - yummy cinnamon dolce latte made by Omar, the greatest barista in the WORLD! :)

Music - forgot my ipod, so I'm listening to the radio. Just played Kings of Leon's song that I can't remember, but is sort of spooky... good, but spooky. (I miss my ipod)

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